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The best NFT card game has arrived

YugiCripto is a new blockchain-based animated and magical card game centered around NFTs. Built with a vision of improvement and accessibility, rescuing simple games combined with multiple technologies.


Earn money



Earn money

A complete game unlike anything ever seen

The YugiCripto project was carefully studied by foreign investors, combined with the experience of Brazilian programmers in the technology area, for the development of this new NFT game.

Common cards

Uncommon cards

Rare cards

Epic cards

Legendary cards

Games Modes


In story mode, the player will play completely free of charge and will still be rewarded as he participates in battles.


The winner league mode will be the one in which players will face each other in battles, where the winner will receive a considerable reward in our token


Arena mode, sharpens and highlights its more competitive side, allowing users to bet on their talent and strategies to get token rewards


Coming soon to the best platforms


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Skyw3b Investimentos e Administração LTDA – CNPJ 37.913.554./0001-90
Avenida das Américas, 500, Barra da Tijuca, RJ

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