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What is YugiGame?

YUGI GAME is an NFT card game, which integrates a structured and evolutionary gameplay, so it can remain fun and competitive, with the possibility of profiting in crypto , receiving benefits, and of coarse, the newest market attraction, the NFT.

Our game has 3 ways for you to participate: STORY mode, for free (PVE), improving yourself, creating your strategies, becoming a player prepared for battle and still obtain NFT fragments that can merge and generate a unique card that you can buy or sell in our Marketplace; if you want to demonstrate your playing skills in our WINNER LEAGUE MODE, PVP, where you will have acknowledgment for your victories, participating in our ranking, and therefore, participate in the world championship and be rewarded with significant value; and last but not least, you can bet our token against your opponents and get greater profits.

It is important to point out that YUGI GAME has an engaging story that has to do with all of us, for it is about the friendship between five friends, who, upon losing one of them in an adventure that took place in a deserted forest where a chemical tragedy once occurred, join together to rescue him. Are you really going to say that you have never imagined this much fun in an adventure before?!

Now, come with me, YUGER, to learn more about the most powerful cards in the game, which in addition to the assumed market value, are of high quality and each one more beautiful than the other, and more, they provide many benefits to their holders!!!

Next, we’ll talk a little bit about the latest YUGI GAME news.

Benefit Club

What are the advantages and benefits of having genesis cards?

The Yugi Game Benefit Club was created from our team’s desire to create and extend the advantages of being on our VIP List, providing our Yugers Genesis with greater accessibility to first-hand information, personalized notices via e-mail, among other advantages that you will see below:

Ex: A roulette system will be implemented where everyone can get rare items, cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc.

The chips to participate in the roulette will be sold only by the Genesis card holders.

Ex: each chip will cost 0.50 cents for the participant

At the end of these 0.50 cents, 0.25 cents belongs to the seller, the franchisee, holder of the Genesis card. Thus, generating passive income to all holders:

Ex: sales 30 chips per day = 900 chips per month total.

450$ ÷ 2 = 225$

225$ for the Genesis card holder.

225$ for Game savings and ecosystem sustainability.


Origin of Water

This is the origin of mobility, increasing the cost and attack to the player, as in the seas, a deck full of animals with mass attack strategies and low cost.

Pirate Ape

ATK: 2650

DEF: 2150

Description: Created in an underwater laboratory, this ape commands a great pirate ship and its crew…

Effect: Receive 1 Chernobylite whenever Pirata Ape destroys a creature


ATK: 2400

DEF: 2200

Description: By using a very powerful transformation potion, this sorceress became a creature never seen before…

Effect: When summoned, this creature can attack twice.

Captain Odelbor

ATK: 2600

DEF: 2000

Description: A brave former sailor who now hunts dark creatures to protect the seas…

Effect: Decreases the cost of your next summoned Water origin creature in 5 Chernobylites..


ATK: 2700

DEF: 2350

Description: Developed electrical powers after being attacked by several electric eels…

Effect: Increases the attack of another water creature on the field by 500. Buy 1 card


ATK: 2100

DEF: 3000

Description: Lives in the icy depth of the oceans…

Effect: While Wicestrike is in battle, it creates an ice storm that freezes a random enemy creature at the end of its turn and preserves its trainer’s health during its attack phase. Frozen targets cannot move or attack.

Origin of Magma

Like the devastating power of fire, this Origin packs a lot of chaos, power, and destruction, all within a deck filled with powerful and destructive creatures.


ATK: 2400

DEF: 2400

Description: A hard training with fire made this Samurai immune to flames and spells…

Effect: This card is not affected by any spells or magic effects

Flame Bird

ATK: 2400

DEF: 2000

Description: This magnificent creature uses the volcano as its nest…

Effect: After being destroyed for the first time, this creature is reborn from the ashes and gains 400 bonus attack points.


ATK: 2100

DEF: 2650

Description: A lava monster that guards one of the gates of hell…

Effect: Destroys the enemy creature with the lowest attack value and deals damage equal to that creature’s original attack value in the opposing trainer’s health.


ATK: 2900

DEF: 2100

Description: A Light mage corrupted by the power of Magma…

Effect: Conjure a Magma creature from your graveyard or destroy an enemy creature.


ATK: 2600

DEF: 2400

Description: The infernal flame is always devastating…

Effect: While Wilgarx is on the battlefield a firestorm increases the attack of Magma creatures in 200 Points. This storm deals 100 damage to the opposing trainer’s health at the end of each turn.

Origin of the Forest

Like mother nature, this is a deck prepared to defend your creatures, with crowd control and protection strategies, always waiting for the best time to attack


ATK: 2400

DEF: 2200

Description: The enchanting Forest Mage

Effect: Blocks the first incoming attack and redirects it to a non-Forest creature


ATK: 2400

DEF: 2900

Description: A powerful dragon that poisons the enemies…

Effect: If this creature destroys another creature in battle, deal half the destroyed creature’s original ATK directly to the opposing trainer’s health (this effect can only be used once) ; if Wydragon is destroyed, you can choose a Forest creature to return from your graveyard.

Swamp Troll

ATK: 2000

DEF: 2900

Description: A powerful Swamp Troll

Effect: Gain a magic shield that blocks the next incoming attack. While receiving shield this card receives challenge. *Challenge* Forces enemies to attack this card first.

Kaue, The Old Shamam

ATK: 2500

DEF: 2000

Description: The forest is your refuge and the source of your power…

Effect: : If there is another forest creature on the field, heal your trainer for 1000.


ATK: 2800

DEF: 2050

Description: The Black Widow queen, the strongest spider of the Forest…

Effect: Traps an enemy creature in its web for one turn, making it unable to attack or move. If the trapped creature survives to the next round, Ahrazan´s attack is increased by 200 points

Origin of Light

The creatures that belong to the Origin of Light have as their main objective to heal and protect their allies, always trying to rescue all the souls that have been lost and bringing them back to the path of Light.


ATK: 2900

DEF: 2000

Description: The celestial dragon, servant of the gods…

Effect: While Wayloreon is in battle he creates an aura increasing his allies’ atk points by 200 and healing his trainer’s health by 100 each round.


ATK: 2500

DEF: 2500

Description: The Light Servant…

Effect: Paul uses the power of Light to reveal the card on the top of the enemy’s deck and makes a copy of this card for your hand


ATK: 2400

DEF: 2200

Description: Uses magic and science to manipulate opponents…

Effect: Switches an opponent creature into defense mode, decreasing its attributes by 500 Points


ATK: 2500

DEF: 2300

Description: The Sun warrior, created to defend the Light until after his death…

Effect: When destroyed, this creature is replaced by a Pyramid of Hideon in defense mode with (atk 0 – def 3500).

Pyramid of Hideon

ATK: 0

DEF: 3500

Effect: After 3 rounds the Pyramid collapses giving way to the mighty Sun God Hideon (atk 3000 – def 3000)

Sun God Hideon

ATK: 3000

DEF: 3000

Description: Hideon comes back to life now in his most powerful form…

Sergio The White Mage

ATK: 2500

DEF: 2500

Description: The kindness in his heart makes this mage a divine being…

Effect: Protects all allies on the field with divine shield that blocks the opponent’s first attack; When this card is destroyed, Sergio transforms into The Archangel Sergio.

The Archangel Sergio

ATK: 3000

DEF: 3000

Description: A very powerful Archangel Mage always fighting to protect his allies.

Effect: Heals your trainer’s health by 2000 points; Receive a Blessing from Sergio in your hand.

Sergio's Blessing

Effect: Illuminates the entire battlefield by bringing light and empowering your creatures with 300 ATK points until the end of the battle.

Origin of Darkness

Alongside the darkness, the dark creatures use negative controls, damage and sacrifices in their arsenal, with lethal strategies, seeking victory regardless of the path taken, with all these sinister and dark creatures

Dark Beast

ATK: 2350

DEF: 2200

Description: A raging minotaur created by the forces of darkness to destroy everything in his path…

Effect: When attacking a creature and destroying it, you can sacrifice the Beast to destroy an additional enemy creature.


ATK: 2250

DEF: 2750

Description: This darkness warrior fought many wars, leaving pain and suffering everywhere he passed…

Effect: This card cannot be destroyed while attacking; if this card attacks a target that is not destroyed, this target has its ATK equal to Warhell’s.


ATK: 2600

DEF: 2000

Description: A dark wizard who uses his power to control Darkness creatures…

Effect: As long as Kadmus is on your side of the field, gain control of a Dark creature on your opponent’s side of the field; grants 250 attack and defense points to a Dark creature on the field or in your hand.


ATK: 3000

DEF: 2000

Description: The Lord of Darkness

Effect: While Merlin is on the field, Light creatures have their attack reduced by 200 Points; Rescue the last creature sent to your graveyard.


ATK: 2700

DEF: 2200

Description: The Great Dark Dragon

Effect: While Wodash is on the battle field, the Darkness takes over increasing 200 Attack points of the Darkness creatures. Heals your trainer for half the amount Wodash damages the opponent.

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